Information about St George's Church


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Prayer Chain

St. George's has a prayer chain.
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Welcome Pack

We have a 'welcome pack' document to give an overview of the church life.
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Christenings, marriages, funerals

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Leadership Team

The leadership team of St. Georges is:
  • Revd. Hilary Iredale
  • Gilly Lang
  • Tony Solway
  • Walter Goodman
  • Helen Jones


Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults:

Our Values

• We believe that all should be welcome, encouraged and supported.

• We believe that faith should be developed within the Church and shared in our wider community.

• We believe that we should show tolerance, understanding and compassionate support to each other

• We believe that we should work as a team, supporting each other so that we can better serve others.

• We believe in a God-centred life based on the precepts of the Bible and upheld by prayer.

• We believe that worship should be God-centred, accessible, joyful, stimulating and relevant.

Church App

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The Parish Map

The St George's parish covers approximately the following area of Rugby (click on image for a bigger and more accurate map):